Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knox Family Time/Rev3 Glow 5K

Family time? Yes, as of this week I now have immediate family that live outside of Knoxville, TN! My parents have fulfilled a lifelong dream and have moved to Pigeon Forge, TN. I grew up camping in the Smokies every year and this is place that is near and dear to my family.

Pigeon Forge? Isn't that were Dollywood is? Yes, and this guy lives about 5 minutes from my parents house.

But you would never know with where my parents house is. The have moved into the beautiful log cabin with a amazing view of the Great Smoky Mountains.
Ignore the garden. My mom will have this spruced up and full of veggies in no time.
This years race and years to come are going to be a blast.
Once again I am super impressed with Rev3's generosity. This Friday they are hosting a Glow 5K with all of the proceeds going to Nicole Gross, a former UT swimmer (Go Volunteers!) who was injured at Boston. Rev3 was approached to give some of their proceeds from the race to the family and they turned around and said no, we are going to give you all of the proceeds. An amazing group to say the least. If you are in the area or know anyone in the area please come out. Registration closes today but onsite registration is also available.


  1. Wow! That location is beautiful!! Good to see you and to meet Eric :D He was a great relay partner!

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