Saturday, February 25, 2012

Attack your limiters!

In my last post you can find me having a small panic attack, but have quickly since recovered. I am for the most part back at it and running fine. I was originally going to write this post weeks ago about how great I have been at doing my strength and core training and attacking my limiters. This quickly changed to reaching out for suggestions on how to incorporate this into such an already busy training/work schedule.  Then I stumbled onto a saving grace. Whatever it takes right?

First, what is a limiter? I would say anything that limits you to do your very best. Mine? My love handles. This sounds absurd, but I have weak glutes and internal and external adominal obliques, and I know I am not the only one. It has been the cause of most of my injuries.

I was really struggling to get any exercises done on a consistent basis and then stumbled upon Body Rock Tv. I quickly challenged a friend to keep me honest and am currently going on week 2. How can I not be motivated looking at hot bodies! I really feel like I am getting some good strength out of it and its quick, easy, and free. My three favorite words.  Additionally since I am already hot and sweaty after this I have been tossing in some additional abs workouts and some planks! Getting it done!

Any suggestions on other such workouts are welcome! Any other Body Rockers out there? That kind of sounds like some cheesy line....mmm cheese.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Body Check

It took me a really long time to find a picture of a nice skeleton. I prefer the ones that have faces.
This one is just plain freaky and looks like it would try and trick you into something!

I have found it increasingly important to listen to my body. Most people are probably like "Duh!", but I am maturing a lot this year as an athlete. I am a late bloomer. I am training smarter and healthier, which takes a lot more effort, but I think is going to significantly pay off.  There are a lot of muscles in both pictures and a lot more that are not named. Controlling and training these muscles is an art form yet to be mastered by me.

Two Sundays ago I ran 10 miles at 7:44 pace and felt awesome. I also started my structured training plan yesterday so to feel like that going into the season was great. It was the day of the Marathon Olympic Trials and I was definitely on a high from reading all the twitter/news updates! Since then I have had numerous niggles, pinches, strains, tightness, pulls, knife-like-pierces, numbness's....the list could go on. The main one coming on this last weekend with numbness in my right foot (my functional and anatomically shorter; stronger leg--which makes me sound deformed).

I started to panic. How was this happening? I had prepared my body so well this year, but then I reflected. I also had prepared my body a lot mentally. My biggest motivation coming off my last injury around July (spawn from the same issues) last year when I had just started to regain hope was another blog. I find a honest and true tone from Lauren Fleshman, pro runner and 7th in the World at the 5K, that makes her real and bridges that gap from professional to amateur. She is walking/running proof that you can turn your season around after major injury. Two of my favorite posts are here (her report after USA Championship, part one you can watch her talk about balls) and here (her report after World Championship).

Every runner out there can attest that injuries take a mental toll on you. Being prepared is the best you can do. Not only mentally and not only at the beginning of the season. To be your best you need to attack your limiters all the time! I am back on my feet and running!