Saturday, February 25, 2012

Attack your limiters!

In my last post you can find me having a small panic attack, but have quickly since recovered. I am for the most part back at it and running fine. I was originally going to write this post weeks ago about how great I have been at doing my strength and core training and attacking my limiters. This quickly changed to reaching out for suggestions on how to incorporate this into such an already busy training/work schedule.  Then I stumbled onto a saving grace. Whatever it takes right?

First, what is a limiter? I would say anything that limits you to do your very best. Mine? My love handles. This sounds absurd, but I have weak glutes and internal and external adominal obliques, and I know I am not the only one. It has been the cause of most of my injuries.

I was really struggling to get any exercises done on a consistent basis and then stumbled upon Body Rock Tv. I quickly challenged a friend to keep me honest and am currently going on week 2. How can I not be motivated looking at hot bodies! I really feel like I am getting some good strength out of it and its quick, easy, and free. My three favorite words.  Additionally since I am already hot and sweaty after this I have been tossing in some additional abs workouts and some planks! Getting it done!

Any suggestions on other such workouts are welcome! Any other Body Rockers out there? That kind of sounds like some cheesy line....mmm cheese.


  1. This stuff is great. Do it a lot. Don't let it replace any SBR session... it should be done as a supplement. Something else that is really good is getting a medicine ball and slamming on the ground repeatedly (70-100x) with a super tight core. It builds explosive power in your core and really helps swimming.

  2. You know those TRX trainers that are the latest rage and cost $150 for a set of straps? You can make your own for less than $15 at Home Depot (

    I'm actually going to make one this afternoon and I plan on doing a whole lot of stability work (single leg squats, core, lunges, etc.). Just another option that gives you a lot of variety for strength training.

  3. Cool - I hadn't heard of Body Rock TV before... definitely going to have to try it out. And, yes, what's more motivating than hot bodies?! hahahah - well said.

  4. I discovered body rock tv like a week ago!!!! I kept seeing people pinning it on pinterest. LOVE IT. And she's soooo fit..

  5. @Alan Awesome! I have been wanting that system, but am too cheap. Maybe I can convince my handy man to make me up one.

    I am going on week 3 of bodyrock and feel soooo much stronger already! Love feeling sore like that.