Friday, March 23, 2012

So grateful...

for my sponsors! 

The last month has been crazy as work has picked up in a good way. I am glad it happened now and not in the next few months when I am focusing even more on training. It was rough but I really enjoy the people I work with and the work we do (it was a proposal so we hope to do).

Trying to juggle a heavy workload and training is stressful. So adding being stressed to the list makes it even that much more stressful. I have been able to keep my head on straight so far. Being a part of Rev3 has been such a blessing. I am so excited to be on track and focused for the upcoming season with some wonderful athletes and even more wonderful sponsors backing us up.

Rev3 is partnering with...

I have been a lover of the original Power Bar ever since I was hitting up swim meets at the age of 6. And since I have recently been informed by my USAT card expiring, that has been awhile. I am recently been consuming a lot of their Harvest Energy bar line which is oh so good! Oatmeal Raisin and Toffee Chocolate Chip are my favorite, but I am going to have to try Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ASAP. I am especially pumped to get into their recovery products as I am finding it more vital on a day to day basis to put the good stuff into my body.

I am stoked about this one. I love Pearl Izumi's gear. They make their women's tops not belly shirts! I have been rocking the pro level tri clothing for the last couple of seasons, but this year I will be decked out in an awesome Rev3 kit.

I sometimes go day in and day out with the daily training drain and don’t focus on the details. Definitely is a fault of mine in training and out of training. But when I take the time I realize I don’t smell like chlorine! SBR has an awesome line of products including making me look like a babe getting out of the pool. Seriously this stuff works wonders.
I have tried a few compression socks in my day and pumped to be trying out Swiftwick. They are doing some things no one else is doing. I have only used the knees high for post workouts, so I am excited to try out their whole line.

Two sponsors I am not familiar with are NormaTec and Blue Seventy. I have heard awesome things about both and am so excited to try their products. I am in desperate need of a new wetsuit and will do a full post on how Blue Seventy is going to get me under an hour for 2.4! And hopefully actually getting in the pool might help. Also, get excited for lots of pictures in NormaTec Pneumatic Compression Device (PCD) also known as really big sexy boots. This is going to be clutch post marathon and gearing back up for IMAZ.

Things are going in the right direction and am overflowing with excitement. The only thing that is slowing this excitement is the massive amount of yard work that needs to be done this weekend. :) It is all about balance.

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