Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring riding!

Be careful out there! When the weather gets warm we climb ourselves out of the basement and onto the roads.
But so do the crazies!

I got the chance to get about a 2.5 hour in on a week day in some gorgeous weather with some good company. In order to do this I had to do some quick riding to get to my friend's house in decent time to make it out for a good loop. This reminded of how much I love riding, commuting, and urban riding. Not that anything in Michigan is considered urban, but unlike most I love riding in with the cars. Weaving through traffic while obeying the laws and off course no salmoning here! Not this kind of salmoning, but this kind (about as big of a no-no as wiping back to front in my mind)!

Then I past a middle aged fit dude. Like blew by him. I apologize to the wife who had to deal with her husband coming home with his head between his legs, but hey, at least someone got to feel good about oneself for a quick minute.

Fast forward to picking up my friend and off we went. Five minutes later as we are pushing along while trying to maintain a conversation were we rudely interrupted. Not like an interruption of someone who forgot to say excuse me, but more like a laying on their horn as they ride up about 6 inches from our back wheel and just sit there…still on their horn. Surprisingly we both stayed calm and continued to ride just ignoring the fat white guy, but he continued to stay there for a good 30 seconds and then sped off around to the left less than a foot from my shoulder.  We were riding side by side on a road with limited shoulder, but said road is in the middle of nowhere and had no traffic coming in either direction. This car could have gone around us just like everyone else had previously done and continued to do after he was out of sight. Either way, I didn't let it ruin my ride we didn’t let it bother us to much and went on our marry way. 

But I can't stop pondering this dude's problem. To me, this is one of my biggest questions about the world. Why? Why do people compelled to do things like this. We weren’t in this guy’s way and we hadn’t antagonized him. How does someone have the energy to go out of their way to harm others? I'm sure it was something from his childhood or maybe shriveling man parts. But this is why I say I hate people sometimes.

I challenge you to try to be your best every day. Not in your training, but how you treat others.

On a happier note I brought home this beautiful piece of art.
And a piece of art it will be until I get my components and build it up in the next couple of weeks. It is my first full carbon bike and it is my first triathlon bike. I am moving on up.

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