Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Operation: Optimal Health

19 days to go until my big race and of course I get sick! I spent the weekend freaking out a little bit since I was off in my workouts followed by a couple rest days. I am pretty sure my body does not respond like the average person and maybe even to the average athlete. Every day I am taking a boat load of vitamins to avoid getting sick so when I am sick it doesn't necessarily appear as the common cold. I had a sore throat but I just get exhausted and feel it in my muscles more than anything. I believe that I am on the up swing with being back on the bike and back in the pool, but since I only have 19 days left until my "A" race I am going to do everything possible to get myself in optimal health. Not just back to okay health, I am talking optimal.

1. Eating! Lots of smoothies and lemons! I intend to surge with vegetables and fruits in my diet.

2. Sleep. I have been having trouble sleeping the last week and a half and am starting to think it is what started the whole thing. I don't know what happened. I was knocking out workouts and then was knocked out at bed time, but lately I have been restless and distracted. I am going to give melatonin a try. I have tried it before it half pills and it seemed to do the job so I won't be introducing anything new into my system completely  but this will help me get some good solid sleep.

3. Stretching and Rolling. This is not so focused on the sickness at hand, but I said optimal health and I want to be loose as a goose come race day.

4. Stress. Work has been a downer lately so I am going to make sure I check the negativity coming in and going out the door.

All of these are probably things I should of prioritized throughout the season, but when you are putting in large training blocks it becomes close to impossible. Still no reason not to make a late season push. Any other recommendations on how to recoup from getting sick in the midst of your season are appreciated.

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  1. the same exact thing happened to me like 3 weeks out and it wouldn't go away... scary stuff and super annoying! heal up!