Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rev3 Knoxville

Lots of exciting things are coming up and one of those is that my triathlon season is starting off with Rev3 Knoxville. I have made the decision to not race and work at the event! It is two weeks after Boston marathon and although in the beginning of the season I thought I could swing it I now know, in the depth of marathon training, I am going to want every ounce of a break afterwards.

Despite not racing this event is going to be epic! I have some pretty big news to go along with this, but I can't share quite yet. I LOVE SECRETS! Keep an eye out! All I know is I will be back for many years to come, including next year, for the inaugural Rev3 Championship Race which will be the Knoxville Half. Find more information HERE. Oh, you have a question about the series you say? Find the FAQ here.

Anyone interested in joining me to preview the course this year? 

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