Friday, October 28, 2011

Get inspired!

This last weekend we were doing some major construction on the house, tearing down ceilings and replacing joists. Some dirty dirty work. Despite being exhausted from the weekend and continuing to wrap up some of the odds and ends from the project I have been making some good tasting meals. I am in no way a baker. My sister has got those skills, follow her blog here and get excited for some up and coming posts from England. I am a cooker. I love tossing things together, merging recipes, and not measuring.

Including the last post of chicken noodle soup, I made some butternut squash muffins (fat-free and they were good! Trust me I am all about the fat), butternut squash stew, and apples over pork. It worked out that we had enough miscellaneous items in the house to whip up some great quick dinners. Thank goodness for my back-stock of homemade chicken stock which I used in the soup and stew.

One of my training goals going forward is to eat better. Two ways I intend to execute this is by signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the spring in addition to my home garden. Having more vegetables around will definitely make me cook with them more and I feel like my diet can never have too many vegetables. The other execution will be making small quick meals on the fly. I know once the training increases my time will decrease but it is just as important to make sure I am putting the goods into the tank. I think having the right backup of ingredients and spices is key to making some delicious and healthy meals. Recipe recommendations are always welcome.

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