Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have been turned to the dark side...and am now an addict.

Addicted to gadgets that is. In August, for my birthday, I received an awesome gift from an even more awesome person. I got the new Garmin 610. For a full in-depth review check out DC Rainmaker's review of this cool device as well as a bunch of others.

The main things I wanted out of a GPS watch was something that included heart rate and that wasn't big and bulky. That was a hard thing to find since I have the wrist of a 7 year old boy. This does the job.

Since tearing this bad boy out of the package I have purchased some additional accessories including the awesome wrist band in the picture which has made the fit even better. I also have purchased the bike sensor and bike mount. Since I tend to power my way up hills and I have never ridden with cadence before I think will benefit greatly.

Most recently I have added the Garmin foot pod to my Christmas list. Its going to be hard not to purchase it before then because once on I will be able to measure my running cadence as well. I am super excited. One of my main goals is to make my running form more efficient and I have been told that cadence is an extreme factor in this.

Some shop for shoes, some shop for purses; I shop for gadgets!

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