Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookie Monster

I really need to start posting more about Triathlon and less about food, but I can't help it. Don't they say Nutrition is the 4th discipline. Well this might be able to be considered nutrition during an Ironman.

Last week I made some cookies for a party at work that turned out delicious. Enter smitten kitchen, one of my favorite blogs for simple recipes.

Thank you sister for your stand mixer! Let the baking begin!
I decided to make those peanut butter cookies with a twist replacing the chocolate chips with Reese's minis. Do you think I can contact Reese's for a sponsorship? Seriously, the new minis are the best! If you have not tried them go now!
They turned out delicious and irresistible. I made a double recipe to make sure I had enough since I was taking some to work. There are only 4 cookies left after 4 days! I think I am going to try the dark chocolate chips next time, because you can never go wrong with dark chocolate.


  1. Yum, those look amazing! I'm a huge fan of smitten kitchen...I don't think she ever makes a thing I wouldn't love to eat.

  2. Those look aaaa-mazing. 2 points for creative use of reeses

  3. Um yeah, so those wouldn't last a minute in my house! Then again, the reese mini's wouldn't make it into the dough either. Hahaha