Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end is coming...or so they say

Even if they didn't say it was ending I will still work my butt off and make this year count!
I am rolling on a significant high from 2011 and riding it out as long as it will last.

Last year I...

-grabbed life by the cojones and made some necessary changes to make me happy
-moved back to Michigan and am closer to family and friends
-got an awesome new job that is keeping me sane and letting me actually train
-traveled to Sweden and Denmark
-grew some delicious veggies in the garden
-moved in with the boy and am loving every second of it
-traveled to Hawaii; got to watch my friends kill it during the Ironman; and cheer on all the pros
-signed up for my next Ironman (Arizona)
-got set up with a coach
-came out of injury stronger and smarter than ever
-made the incredible Rev3Team

I intend to ride it (figuratively and literally) out with...

-LOTS of Rev3 love; excited to be apart of something big, racing at Wisconsin Dells and Cedar Point
-training smarter, not harder; I have just been doing some base stuff and fooling around since I am peaking so late in the season this year, but I feel strong and awesome about the year ahead
-a year round garden this year and less wasting; ie. more canning, drying, etc
-eating breakfast and eating it before 9 AM
-eating healthy; this was my demise the last time I took on a marathon training and I intend to conquer
-nail my race day nutrition
-attack my weakness; ie. avoid injuries and bring my A-game....stretch and strength
-obtain additional training for my job; ie. graduate coursework ~ no idea how to fit this in yet
-be patient (this makes it on every list I make)
-when I am having a tough day, moment, workout, remember its all about attitude (thanks Erin!)
-achieve my financial goals
-posture; will not die a hunchback! 

Go out there and take control of what may be the last year of the world!


  1. love the garden goal. We've had a garden the last few years. This year was less than plentiful. Perhaps in 2012 one of my goals should be WATER the garden!

  2. You go, girl. I am loving your goals and can't wait for us to be there cheering you on for some of them!


  3. Nice list there lady! See you at dells and CP! Go team Rev3! woot!