Thursday, August 9, 2012

On the move!

On my first commute of the season to work I got stung by something. I know it took me awhile to get my stuff together since my first ride was in July, but I was ready to rock.  I was really enjoying myself and then BAM! I thought I got hit by a rock at first, but I heard it buzzing and quickly brushed it away. I stopped to see if I was bleeding because I thought I might of broken something it hit me that hard. I started to feel tightness and was thinking I was going to have black eyes for the wedding I was going to that weekend. By the time I got to work I knew I was going to be a little swollen. I could see in the glass doors that indeed I was and I quickly dashed into the basement so no one would see me. In the mirror I looked like a human dinosaur mix. At that point I was thinking I would get a ride to a minute clinic or bike myself. I didn't want to go all sweaty so I hopped in the shower. FAIL. I found out later warm water is not good when you are going into anaphylactic shock. Within seconds of the lukewarm water hitting me and sweat settling in I quickly broke out into hives head to toe and started panicking I was itching so bad.  My face also doubled in size. The next 60 seconds went like this: Out of shower, dress on, sandals on, hair tied back, upstairs to my coworker, my coworkers look of horror, grabbing her purse and getting in the car. Luckily since I work on UM's campus the emergency room is really close. By the time we were turning into the parking lot it felt like my chest was being stepped on and breathing got really difficult. All turned out fine and I have an upcoming appointment with an allergist to narrow it down. Although I am happy I am okay I am annoyed that I have to carrying an Epi Pen. What a hassle! If this ever happens again I am making sure to get a picture because I was not even recognizable. Below is a picture of me about 10 hours after. Most of the swelling dropped into my cheeks and chin. I am lopsided! 

Since then I have been doing my fair share of traveling with some long rides in between.
75 miles in Traverse City, MI

A quick trip to Utah to hang with some Olympians

More  sight-seeing at Olympic Park

40 miles of riding at 8,000+ feet was eye opening

And a brief stop in Wyoming
Some epic hiking

 Sunny fly fishing

Champion size fish

And a couple long rides at home all ending with some of this. So good! Whole milk is a must!

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