Friday, August 17, 2012

Rev3 Wisconsin Dells - Part 1 (Everything but the race!)

What a weekend! It took me until Wednesday to take my tattoos off and actually get back into the swing of things. I think it was a combination of some Aaron Scheidies and John Paul Severin craziness, the excitement of my first Rev3 race (Yes, first and primarily why this post is in two parts.) some post Wisconsin State Fair cream puff haze, and the long exhausting drive, but I was drained when I got home at 11:30 PM Sunday night. It took me a little bit longer than I expected to have the energy levels back up and get my life together, but with taking Wednesday off of work I got some extra hours of solid sleep and am back at it!

Last Friday late afternoon I rolled out of work and started my lonely drive to WI. I made it just in time to meet my wonderful, awesome, fantastic parents at an exit off the highway who brought me delicious cream puffs from the State Fair. With a quick bite to eat and some never ending hugs from my mother I was off to the Madison airport. Once Aaron and John were in the car it was another 45 minutes to my Aunt and Uncle's. Full of energy and trying to keep quiet we snuck into their house at around 1:30 AM. A quick late night snack of the cream puffs and then it was off to bed.
Wake Up! 8:00 AM. Fueled up with some homemade yummy raspberry muffins and lots of coffee. Aaron and John consume coffee like its water and I should have taken this as a warning of the day to come. Rolling up to the expo gave me butterflies! Balloon arches, vendors galore, and awesome staff!
I was amazed and floored at what kind of service I got. We rolled up pretty early to the expo and I don't think it had officially opened yet, but they were set up and ready to go. Everyone was soooo friendly and happy to be there and actually knew what they were doing. John and Aaron made the rounds with some of their fellow Evotri team members which actually have some close ties to Rev3 and I think we might need to start up a new rivalry. :) I introduced myself to as many as I somewhat recognized as this was the first time meeting anyone from the team and staff in person. If they had a Rev3 staff shirt on or was wearing a Rev3 kit I was saying what's up! This included me walking up to Malaika Homo and not realizing it until we exchanged names. I played it off well, but damn that women looks so young and is in such good shape I barely recognized her.

Over at Tommy Bartlett's where transition was set up we got in a quick practice swim. The water was the perfect temperature and amazingly clean. I actually felt real good in the water compared to what I have been feeling like in the pool that past week so it was a happy surprise. After meeting some more 'mates and talking with the amazing Rev3 Race Director, Eric Opdyke, it was time to get our bikes ready for check in. Once checked in it was time to get down to business. This was also Aaron's first race with Rev3 and they got some great taste of both him and his guide, John Paul's personalities and friendship. Aaron does any amazing job of letting his attitude and personality define him, rather than his limitations. Watch the video below and find more about Aaron at

Exclusive photos of Aaron and John talking to Stu.

Again, I was floored by the service Rev3 provides when we received ART, massage, and NormaTec Recovery Boot time! All free and within in minutes. Everyone was so happy and the energy was amazing. It was just a different vibe in the expo. Although the entire staff was busting their butt to get things together for the race they were taking time to talk to everyone and thoroughly help people with questions. Amazed.

At this point in the day I am exhausted. We have been running around out in the sun and didn't get lunch until 2:00 PM. Aaron and John wanted to drive the Half Ironman course as its technical and super hilly. Holy hills! I was relieved to being doing the Olympic and if you want to challenge yourself on a course this is where to do it. I can't imagine how Aaron and John did this on a tandem. With a pit stop for more coffee for Aaron and John and a quick jaunt to the local Wally World we were off to my Aunt and Uncle's for some R&R!

My Aunt and Uncle live about 10 minutes from the race site and are on the other side of the freeway from the strip of resorts and waterparks. This was ideal as they live back in the woods and we were surrounded by quiet nature. My Uncle is an amazing cook! We had delicious pulled pork sandwiches with cinnamon  in it and fried zucchini and squash. I will be back to this race whether its to work, spectate, or just watch.

It was quickly time to get tattooed up and ready for an early morning. Before I fully made it into slumber I had some time to reflect on how genuinely fortunate I am to be a Rev 3 Team Member. I am not a cheesy flowers and rainbows kind of person. I am a no BS, critique every small thing, and expect the best in everything. I have worked in customer service since the age of 14 in many industries including event management so let just leave it as my expectations are high. The passion that drives this company is the root of its success. They cross every "T" and dot every ""I and will bend over backwards to make you happy. They give, give, give and truly want what is best for the sport. Happy finishers! Doing a Rev3 race should be on your bucket list, along with getting a WI State Fair Cream Puff so go sign up for next year!

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