Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nutrition Plan for IMAZ

My nutrition has been a little bit of a struggle for me this year. This is clear as it has taken me awhile to finalize this. I started this post on 8/29/12 so I could develop it over the course of my training and have it dialed in exactly to the best nutrition plan possible. I was having a hard time find stuff that was appetizing to me while training. I am the opposite of someone with a sweet tooth. I love savory foods so finding something to eat in the world of sweet gels and sugary bars was hard.

Breakfast: 800-1000 Calories from moderate to low glycemic index foods 3 to 4 hours prior
Oatmeal w/ milk, brown sugar, butter (1 cup dry =300 Calories); 2x Banana (200 Calories); Powerbar Ironman Perform (70); English muffin w/ PB and Honey (260 calories).

Pre-Race: 200 Calories/hour in the last 3 hours, Liquids
Powerbar Harvest Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bar (250 Calories), Water

Swim: Nothing

Bike: 350 calories per hour on the bike. Drink water before starting any calories. Beginning to sip right away out of T1 and continue for 20 minutes. Every hour on the bike I plan to eat: 1/2 banana (50 calories), 1/2 powerbar (115 calories) Powerbar Energy Blasts (190 calories). And a salt tab every other hour. Every hour on the bike I plan to drink: 20 oz of water (Shiv bladder) and 15 oz of Gatorade (half my aero drink). Chase each mouthful of solid with 2 to 3 mouthfuls of water.

Run: Get in at least 200 Calories per hour. Every hour on the run I plan to eat: 1/2 banana (50 calories), 1 Gel (110 calories), and get the remaining calories from coke. Every hour on the run I plan to drink: 10 oz water and 10 oz coke. When using gels, follow with water. I may or may not mix in some oranges and pretzels depending on how I feel. I also play to take a salt tab every other hour.

My motto for the weekend will be from the legendary triathlete, Scott Molina, "When you feel good, eat."

If you see me on the course, don't shout good job, please shout EAT!

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  1. You're so prepared - love the idea of prepping and getting it right so far in advance... I'm sure you're going to do awesome!!