Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boston Marathon: Pre-Race

About 7 years ago around this time I was thinking that I was never going to do another marathon again. I had just raced my first the previous Fall and as a novice somehow qualified for Boston. Coming off a fall marathon, not letting my body rest properly, taking on a heavy credit load, working full time, and starting an internship all left me a little lethargic. It was around this week in early April 7 years ago that I had finally gone to the doctor and was diagnosed with chronic mono. Although that might not have been exactly accurate via blood work I was also malnourished and iron deficient so to say the least I was tired and I in no shape to run 26.2. To make things worse I had all my travel plans in place and was ready to go. Rather than waste the money spent I went and watched which was probably one of the hardest race experiences I have had. I actually don't remember much of that weekend because I spent 90% of it sleeping. No joke. I have learned endless amounts since that weekend including how important recovery is and in turn I have had several important races be great experiences and huge PRs. 

Although I believe I will make it to the start line, I am not confident it will be a huge PR. After reading my teammate's recent post on, "Making Lemonade Out of Lemons." This is just what I needed to keep my spirits high and make it a great experience. I have made it through the hard part and now I am off to enjoy the experience and cross it off my bucket list. Besides battling through my own twinges and tightness I can't really put my finger why my training block has fizzled. My first guess is that it was more important for me to get here rather than to race the race. I didn't really think I would get back here as it hasn't been a priority but thrilled and excited to enjoy all the excitement out there.

One last hurdle to get over before the race is from last weekend in moving my parents, I came out with one of these.
It is about the size of a grapefruit. I am not exactly sure how I got this, but I am swinging by the doctor tomorrow morning just to be on the safe side. Yes, it looks like a normal harmless bruise but it actually is somewhat hard and I have never had that happen before. Knowing I have really bad circulation thought it might be a good idea to get it checked out before slamming it into the ground for over 3 hours. I've been slamming Biotta Beet Juice in hopes to flush the bruise out and at the very least I will look tough...or just awkwardly yellow.
Beyond that it is a couple more runs and then we are off! Good luck to all those racing and if you want to track me and channel your strength my bib is 13842 and you should be able to track me at