Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Rev3 Team Summit

What a weekend! I ended my last post with a picture of a pretty sweet tattoo which belongs to this guy.
Picture with fellow teamie, Holly

Ron, aka, Zach Galifianakis, aka Alan from The Hangover flew in to Boulder at the same time on Friday AM   so he kindly offered to give me a ride. Although I never had met him before and I easily could be dead/kidnapped/mangled right now but he was the nicest, friendliest most lovable person you could imagine. Ron has quite the story. At the age of 32 and 322 lbs he chose to make the change and entered into this crazy triathlon community. He is now down in the 220 range and taking names! He is just one of the inspirational and amazing people that have joined the team this year. You will hear about many more in the upcoming year but feel free to explore my blog list for more info on the teammies.

Group shot!
Over the course of the weekend we had the chance to learn more about our sponsors and ask them anything! We heard from SBR SportsQuintana RooPowerBar and Reynolds, as well as our new sponsors, Compex and Biotta Juice. I am so excited about all of these and a great year ahead!

We also got to go to Pearl Izumi headquarters, tour the building, see the new shoe and apparel lines, hear from Tim DeBoom, and bombard them with questions. Pearl is an awesome company. I don't need to say anything else as their products speak it for themselves, but I am so happy to represent them.

We enjoyed lots of good food and great beer that Boulder/Denver had to offer. The company was amazing!
Centro in Boulder
Maggiano's in Denver
I ate a family style tiramisu by myself. I am a fat kid. 
We also had to have a little newbie initiation. Which was epic. 

On Sunday, a group of us took to the slopes! How could we not? We went to Winter Park and although the conditions were not 100% in CO, there were awesome compared to MI. Mainly, I think it was the company, but I have never laughed so hard boarding before.

Jordan, Maggie, Ryan, Myself, and Jeff
Ryan got up close and personal with the a tree. It was fun to watch him get out. I almost wet myself from laughing so hard.

Maggie did too! More than once.

We had a great time out there with some epic scenery. 

Jordan got a little cheeky.

There are too many funny memories and moments to share them all , but the main take away from the weekend is that I fit in perfectly with this crazy bunch of people.


  1. Great write up! I miss everyone already and am itching to get some more tree runs in!

  2. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Can't wait to see you at the races this year!

  3. Hahaha LOVE the post! Great pictures and can I just say... best weekend ever. I swear I had a six pack at the end of the weekend just from laughing so hard. Can't wait too see you at the races this year!

  4. Haha... annnnd I unintentionally copied Chloe's last sentence without realizing it... must have been catchy - whoops! Hopefully see you at KNOX!

  5. I so wish I had been able to make it to the summit. Looks and sounds like a GREAT time. And I LOVE tiramisu too! I'd have eaten an entire piece too.