Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Offseason/Back in the Saddle

Where have I been?! I would love to say I have been doing all these exciting things and being adventurous. I feel like I have mostly been working on my 2013 training log. I have been updating an online excel sheet so I can access it anywhere and creating graphs and chart galore!

To back it up...post last season I made a conscious effort to not workout. It was really easy at first. It started to get hard when people started asking me about it. "Have you worked out since your race?" they asked. Everyone around me seemed to be gearing up for 2013 with early races and heavy training and I had just finished my 2012. I almost started to feel like I should be doing something. But I was quick to remind myself, while sweating out those long trainer sessions, I had promised myself this time away. I timed it well though so I was able to fill all that extra time with holidays and travels and have no post-Ironman blues.

First on the list cookies and mani/pedis. You know I ate cookies through my entire training, but during my "off" offseason I didn't limit myself.

I enjoyed all of what the holidays had to offer. Including pie by the fire.

I got to go to my first Packer game and not have to worry about fitting in a workout.

I also picked up a new habit. Juicing. I am really excited to carry this into the 2013 season.

With my 2013 training log being revamped I also have decided on a tentative 2013 race schedule and excited to be getting back in the saddle. Check out the new tab "2013 Schedule" tab.


  1. awesome! Take the needed time! how do you like your juicer? we have a vitamix but my mother and i are looking into going in on a juicer...
    bring on 2013!

  2. I love my juicer! Although it struggles with the greens like spinach and kale and sometimes makes me think I need a vitamix. The grass is always greener on the other side.